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'''Brookhaven National Laboratory''' ('''BNL''') is a United States Department of Energy National Laboratories|United States national laboratory located in Upton, New York, on Long Island, and was formally established in 1947 at the site of Camp Upton, a former List of United States Army installations|U.S. Army base. Its name stems from its location in the greater area of the Brookhaven, New York|Town of Brookhaven.
Motto"Passion for discovery"
LogoImage:Brookhaven National Laboratory logo.svg
Logo size225px
DirectorDoon Gibbs
CityUpton, New York|Upton, Suffolk County, New York|Suffolk County,
New York (state)|New York, United States
BudgetOver US$700 million (2013)
TypeNuclear physics, material physics and chemistry, environmental and biological research
Campus21 km2 (5,265 acres)
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